17 Jun 2018

Fashion Designers 2018

Discover unexpected fashion designers. Don’t think in Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Jean-Paul Gaultier. The best fashion designers are between 7 and 8 years old, and you know them!

Here you have some of their best designs!

8 Jun 2018

Thanks Kevin!!!

The last few months we have had Kevin's help in our classes. He came from Kenya and quickly became not only a new teacher but also a good friend.

Kevin and other six university graduates from Kenya and Uganda are the first to participate in the Training Exchange in East Africa Project. 

We have improved our conversation in English and we have also learned more about other cultures. It would be great to repeat the next course. Thank you so much, Kevin!

3 Feb 2018

Parts of the house

These days we are learning vocabulary about the house and its rooms. If you want to practice these words with online games, you can try herehere, herehere or here.

Let's play! It will be fun!

15 Jan 2018

Cars, Planes, Trains...

The Singing Walrus shows us «Cars, Planes, and Trains». This fun song introduces different means of transport and their speed in relation to each other. Every verse of the song features a vehicle, each showing a faster one than the last. You will enjoy watching the characters move from place to place, riding a bike, a bus, a car, a train, a plane, and finally a rocket!

Ah! And you can also practice the numbers from 10 to 1 with the countdown before the launch of the rocket.

A great song!

1 Nov 2017

Our Halloween creatures

Here you have our fearsome Halloween creatures. Ghosts, mummies, vampires, monsters, vampires and witches scared everyone at school last Tuesday.

Perhaps their faces will be familiar to many of you...

But, be careful, look under your bed tonight!

25 Oct 2017

Halloween comes!

Halloween comes! This year we will make again terrifying Halloween masks. Surely someone can help you at home.

If you want to practice the vocabulary related to this celebration, you can read the previous slide or watch this video.

20 Oct 2017

Back again! Are you ready?

After summer, we are back again. We are ready to work, so let's go.

Here you have a video to practice the vocabulary about the weather: sunny, foggy, raining, windy, cloudy… 

If you prefer a song, here's this one. Easy!

You will soon learn all these words.